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Located on the plain of the Emblavez, at Saint Vincent, close to the Puy en Velay in Haute-Loire, Emb'Lazer Game lets you discover a laser shooting game where players compete outdoors.

Discover the adventurer inside you and live real sensations!

 No projectile, no pain, from 6 to 99.

Infrared rays harmless to the eyes..

Friendly atmosphere guaranteed!

Ideal for a great time with friends or family! A good idea for birthdays, bachelor parties, family parties, business outings, leisure centres...

Emb'Lazer Game laser game à Saint Vincent
Emb'Lazer Game laser game en Haute-Loire
Emb'Lazer Game laser game Puy en Velay
Emb'Lazer Game lasergame en Haute-Loire


The laser game takes place in an arranged area, according to the scenario you have already chosen. (many possible scenarios to choose on site)

You are equipped with a last generation laser gun with a range of 150 metres and a helmet with 360° sensors.


Then you just have to taget your opponents to score the most point!


As a team or 1-on-1, with family or friends, run, crawl, hide and go adventuring to succeed in your mission.

At the end of the game, the points are counted to declare the winning team.​

Emb'Lazer Game laser game en plein air
Emb'Lazer Game lasergame en plein air
Emb'Lazer Game lasergame outdoor
Emb'Lazer Game laser game outdoor



From 6 years old

Minimum 4 people

Exemple for two 10 minutes games*: about 40 minutes

(10 min of briefing - 10 min of game - 5 min of break - 10 min of game - 5 min of debriefing)

*recommended for your fisrt experience

Exemple for a 20 min game: about 35 minutes

(10 min of briefing - 20 min of game - 5 min of debriefing)

Possibility to line up several parties.


Please arrive 10 minutes before your game.

Please wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes.

On site, drinks are sold all year round.
From mid-April to mid- September, drinks and snacks.


Always concerned to enhance an exceptional natural site, Emb'Lazer Game blends in with the landscape of the Etangs du Bord de Loire.

This new eco-tourism activity allows to develop the links with the actors of the network and highlights our region.

This project was co-financed by the LEADER program "Promouvoir les synergies locales vellaves" and the Velay Local Action Group.

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